The Way We Were by John Taylor: Love and wars

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In this centenary year, It’s pleasing to know that many town and village historical societies are taking a keen interest in the role their community played during the First World War.

Local residents fired up by such projects invariably impart their enthusiasm to the exhibitions they stage and, as with the Bow Brickhill society mentioned last week, the 
publications they produce.

In fact, Bow Brickhill has a particularly fascinating past - a conscientious objector, a POW who survived the war but died from the effects of captivity, even a little girl who was apprehended for picking the Duke of Bedford’s flowers.

And so there’s perhaps scope for similar research into the Second World War, just after which ‘Ted’ Cook came to the village on marriage to a 
local girl, Marjorie Smith.

He had seen action with the Royal Marine Commandos and afterwards would be one of the TA men chosen to line the Coronation route of the Queen.

Tragically, when employed by Terrapin of Bletchley, he was killed when his lorry 
collided with two other 
vehicles near Ampthill.

Of several nefarious tales regarding landlords of the village pub, one was fined for not attending Home Guard duties.

As for members of the regular forces, for their recreation there was a corrugated iron structure near the Green.

Then, in the aftermath of the war, this was extensively reconstructed by the generosity of a London barrister, 
resident in the village.

In a past article, the story was told of the painting by a famous artist of ‘A Village Choir’ set in Bow Brickhill’s All Saint’s Church.

In fact ,the choral tradition is still maintained with new recruits invited to contact Sue Malleson.

Sue, a stalwart of this week’s article, she is seen in her secretarial days with Scicon, prior to singing at the firm’s barbecue.

Several times, she had been asked by a friend to sing with his group, Brigadier Fosdyke’s Travelling show ‘but I never realised I would be singing at my own firm’s party!’ she 

Anyway, that’s quite enough local history for this week.

And as for me, phew, I’m just off to have a cold shower.