One for the ladies

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Bletchley Park is used to making the headlines, thanks to its invaluable work in WWII.

Most recently of course The Imitation Game has seen attentions again turn to the Home of the Codebreakers.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s superb portrayal of the codebreaker Alan Turing was widely celebrated.

Now a new book is celebrating the roles played by the ladies who worked at the Park during the troubled times, writes Sammy Jones.

At its peak, more than 12,000 people worked at the hub – and three quarters of them were women.

The Debs of Bletchley Park will pay tribute to their efforts – ‘from the debutantes who chauffeured the boffins to and from work or, like Baroness Trumpington, were employed as filing clerks, to the mass of girls from ordinary working families who operated machines or listed endless streams of figures, together these brave women cracked German messages, largely unaware of the major impact their work was having on the war.’

Author Michael Smith, who also penned the Sunday Times number one bestseller Station X: The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park, has delivered an incredibly readable, enlightening read.

As Smith himself will tell you, “they are an incredible set of women, and this is their story.’

The Debs of Bletchley Park is published by Aurum Press, at £20.

Bletchley Park and Codebreakers (above)

Pic by Barbara Eachus