OU Theatre Group suffers Bardy great tragedy


MACBETH is one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated works.

The dark, powerful tragedy is often put to the stage, but the Scottish set delivery – originally penned more than 400 years ago – has had a contemporary spruce-up by the Open Theatre Group, who begin their own performances this evening.

Instead of warty old hags, your witches are now hot, sexy young women who seduce Macbeth into making choices that lead to tragedy.

When William wrote Macbeth, he meant for it to be performed in the round, and the group have retained this feature for their delivery.

Caz Tricks and Sally Luff have donned the directing hats for the work.

“Not only is this a massive project with a cast of around 30, it has original music by Mark Da Costa, tango work from Kele Baker, who is the tango choreographer for Strictly Come Dancing, voice work with Michael Corbidge who is a director and voice coach with RSC and an experienced cast who really deliver an amazing show,” Caz told GO!

“Whether you love the work of Shakespeare, are studying his plays at school, college or university, and whether you are scared of Shakey or simply love theatre, this is the production for you.”

Performances are taking place at The Hub Theatre, Walton Hall tonight, and nightly through to Saturday, at 7.30pm.

An additional matinee performance will also run on Saturday, from 2.30pm.

Tickets are priced at £10 and £8 and you get your mitts on them by heading online to www.theopentheatregroup.com or call 07861 710280.