Five art projects announced showcasing the Redways in Milton Keynes

The projects include an interactive documentary and a futuristic reality map.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:29 am

A new initiative to encourage the use of Redways in Milton Keynes will see five artists transform the city's pathways.

Milton Keynes Council commissioned the project named, Reclaim the Redways, designed to encourage cycling and walking across Milton Keynes.

Those strolling down the walkways will see work from five different artists starting in July, offering further reasons to stay off the roads.

Redways Milton Keynes

The featured artists had to see out competition from 19 alternate proposals to earn their chance to showcase their work.

Kicking off the project in July is Redways/Colourways by The Guild Collective. The Guild Collective is an ensemble of three local natural dye artists with a shared passion for natural dyes and heritage craft.

The trio will host a series of natural dyeing workshops in various locations and in collaboration with local groups including the MK Hindu Association, YMCA, Camphill Community and Grand Mentors in Kiln Farm.

Additionally, three ‘open to all’ workshops will be held at Milton Keynes Arts Centre. Each workshop will begin with a colour walk or cycle where participants will be encouraged to explore the biodiversity of their local area, foraging the flora to make a unique natural dye for tote bags. All findings will be published in a colourways map.

In September the Redways will be lit up by brothers Matt and Rob Vale who go by the name Illuminos. They will be organising a Lunar Cycle across the Redways, the theme will be Moth’s to the Moonlight. Each participant in the ride will be given a miniature video projector to attach their handlebars, each light depicts one of Milton Keynes’ unique moth species.

A six-month project will see ‘a model village’ built around the Redway routes encapsulating the spirit of Milton Keynes’ architecture whilst also providing sustainable habitats in the form of Bee Stops, Insect Hotels and Bat Boxes. This scheme will be organised by the Cabinet of Curiosity design studio, which comprises of designer and maker Caroline Collinge and architect Edmond Salter.

Once completed the model village will form part of a nature trail containing sustainable habitats in the form of Bee Stops, Insect Hotels and Bat Boxes.

In November, digital artists based in Milton Keynes, Lawrence Wheeler and Jo Szram, will create a reality map. Luke Mcdonnell, a local artist, will also help with the design. Using image recognition the Redways will be brought to life on a reimagined greater scale. Event organisers are claiming this will be the first environmentally friendly augmented reality map created in the UK.

A new documentary film by Rob Key will explore how Milton Keynes is a discreet centre for secret intelligence in the UK, it will be broadcast in January 2022. Key will use an E-bike as a primary mode of transport, Rob will explore links on the Redway with the intelligence network surrounding Milton Keynes, while at the same time exploring his family history and heritage in the area.

QR codes displayed at different points on the cycle network will broadcast short films acting as a teaser for the entire documentary.

Further information and booking details for all of the free activities will be published in June on