Safety fears of residents in Milton Keynes after Storm Eunice damage

Fallen tree damaged roof and blocked emergency access at rear of property

By Olga Norford
Friday, 11th March 2022, 2:59 pm

Residents say they fear for their safety after a tree blown down during Storm Eunice damaged property, blocking an emergency access.

The massive tree fell on to a council bungalow in Ouzel Close, Bletchley, damaging the roof and blocking a shared rear access to the property.

The damage was reported to Milton Keynes Council following the storm three weeks ago but residents say nothing has been done.

The fallen tree has blocked rear access to the property in Ouzel Close, Bletchley

Christine Lloyd said: "My mother lives in a council bungalow and during the bad storms a tree fell on the neighbour's property which affects my mother's emergency access.

"The tree blocked the back door of her neighbour's bungalow which is both a fire hazard and blocks an escape route which she shares."

Christine explained her sister, Patricia Lloyd, called Mears, the council's repairs team. However she claims she was told the fallen tree was not the council's responsibility but that of the Parks Trust.

Christine added: "But when my sister called the Parks Trust they said it's the councils responsibility.

Residents say the matter has been reported to the council but nothing has been done

"She then called the council directly and they said it does not concern my mother.

"However it does affect her and her safety and that of her neighbour.

"We are just so worried as it's a huge tree to clear and a potential fire hazard as it blocks the rear access to the properties."

Christine explained her mother, who 72, is unwell and has been in and out of hospital.

Residents say the blocked access is a safety and fire issue

She said: "I live in Cornwall and am only here for a few days so I'm really concerned for both her and her neighbour. They both live alone and are vulnerable.

"It's really frightening to think that if there was a fire at the front of the property they couldn't get out of the back.

"It's so frustrating. The council told my mother it had nothing to do with her.

"And when the neighbour called the council, he said he was told 'trees have fallen all over Milton Keynes and they aren't going to do anything'."

The Citizen has approached Milton Keynes Council for a comment.