Poetry in motion

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Soul Urban Poet returns to The Stables this Friday evening (Oct 31), and it’s a special gig – doubling up as the official launch bash for his new single, I Love It.

“I chose that as my third single because I feel it sums me and my music up in one track,” he told me.

“I was inspired to write the track about today’s music industry – especially the hip-hop genre. I feel it has gone from being all about the love of the music to being about how they look, what car they drive and the money they make....”

And if that conjures up cliched images for you, you’ll be most disappointed by Soul.

“Most people assume when you say you are a hip-hop artist that you are automatically going to be rapping about violence, drugs, sex and money, so I made this track simply to say it’s just not like that....”

The album from which the single is taken will be out in early 2015, called A Soul New Chapter.

Support at the show is coming from fellow MK creative, singer-songwriter Tony Hill.

“I’m a big fan of his music and he is so different from my style...”Soul said, “...it will make the night diverse, but in a really good way.

“I also have local DJ Wattsie supporting me and playing some records on the decks inbetween sets, to give it that kind of nightclub feel; something I know is new for The Stables...”

A great bill at a great venue for a great price – tickets are just £8.50.

Give the box office a call on 01908 280800.