Punky, chunky and dirty!

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From the land of IKEA to the town of Wolverton, that’s the deal for Francobollo who are in town on Saturday evening.

Punk rock with chunky live drum samples and dirty, dirty hooks are promised by those making the delicious din.

Before you reach the main course, mind, you’ve more than a little other stuff to sate your appetite with, beginning with MK alt-rock players Turning Heads, indie shoe-gaze meets rock-outs Velodrome and from MK and Northampton, Dirty Fair.

They promise infectious melodies, driving rhythms and energetic live performances, which is only fair.

Tickets are a fiver, doors open at 7.30pm for the all ages show.

> While Francobollo are busy at one end of the venue, The Craufurd has another spiky show ready to go the other side.

Stiff Bizkit will be doing their best impressions of Fred Durst and Co. bringing the Nu-Metal tunes to the fore: Who can forget Rollin’...?

The real mccoy might have blown out their gig in the city back in the day, but the imitation promise to show up and deliver.

Better still, entry is free and they go live from 8.30pm.