R.S.I host celebrate 10th anniversary show tonight

R.S.I: Birthday bash
R.S.I: Birthday bash

When you are youngsters, getting a band together is pretty easy. It’s a bit of fun, right?

But a lot can happen in a decade, and life takes over.

All of which makes R.S.I’s tenth anniversary that bit more of a cool deal.

“We are still wrecking people’s heads with chaotic shows,” frontman Jon Ellams told us.

The only difference from those earlier performances is that you now get more in exchange for your cash, seeing as how the band now mix their punk and hardcore vibes with a little drum n bass, “...for added measure.”

R.S.I – or to give them their proper moniker, Routine Social Incompetance – have been a pretty prolific lot too, and boast four EPs and as many albums tucked into their combats.

This evening’s gig at the Kiln Farm Pub in Keller Close also features Overload and Apple Shift Seven on the bill.

There are special guests too, but we aren’t allowed to say who: We can give you a darned good hint though: They are local chaps who wowedthe Lock Up stage at this year’s Reading Festival... you do the maths!

R.S.I are buzzing about their birthday gig, and they know perfectly well how to put on a striking gig – with more than 200 gigs behind them, including dates alongside Rancid, New Model Army, Mark Ramone and Sub Humans.

Things go all punk rock from 7.30pm, through to 2am.