Review: Larry Carlton - Four Hands & A Heart

Larry Carlton: 'For the discerning ear...'
Larry Carlton: 'For the discerning ear...'

Following his recent Unplugged DVD release, Larry Carlton is back with CD goodies, courtesy of Four Hands & A Heart (vol 1).

Very nice it is too, says Nick Jones.

Four Hands & A Heart (vol 1) is Larry’s new album of tunes selected by him and done with a different approach to the original Carlton arrangements, which appeared on much earlier albums, namely Larry Carlton, Sleepwalk, Strikes Twice and Mr. 335 Live in Japan.

Larry has played on many top artist recordings including Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and the Crusaders right the way through to Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson, and too many others to mention.

Credited with playing on more than 100 albums during his career - many of which have reached Gold or Platinum status - he is also a three times Grammy winner, and Guitar Player magazine gave him a Lifetime Achievement award in 2008.

His prowess just goes on and on...

If you are familiar with Larry’s own work, and hopefully you are, then you will know how he takes a melody and gets right inside it to make it come to life.

With just two guitars being played here, both by the man himself, these tunes have an intimate personal feel, not only for the player but also for the listener.

Room 335 opens the proceedings, which is quite different to his 1978 original. With the full band treatment, that was much busier.

This is more relaxed, but no less enjoyable, with the extra space give by the one rhythm guitar accompaniment.

Sleepwalk has always been a simple, yet melodic, tune which is perfect for inducing a dreamlike state.

Once again, a great feel resonates on For Love Alone, which was featured in the movie Against All Odds,

Finishing with Mulberry Street, this album is definitely for the more discerning ear, which typically, a Larry Carlton fan has.