Review: They all wanted more after Oliver! performance

The stars of Oliver...
The stars of Oliver...

Oliver is probably the most well-known musical which makes performing it an even trickier task, but the Rare Productions cast did a more than fine job, writes Liam Andrews.

It opened with the famous scene at the orphanage as the youngsters sang ‘Food glorious food’ perfectly in harmony in their adorable Victorian costumes. That is something that cannot go without a mention – the make-up and costumes looked outstanding and of an extremely high standard.

And then the moment came for the famous line ‘Please sir, I want some more’ which Oliver, played by young actress Megan Jackman, pulled off brilliantly.

Imagine if you were left going into an interval after hearing ‘Be back soon’ – well that’s what exactly what happened and it certainly left the audience wanting ‘more!’.

Some of the most memorable scenes involved Widow Corney (Belinda Rich) and Mr Bumble (Alex Oldham), while as always Dodger (Nick Clay) was a lovable character.

The audience were warned of ‘gun shots’ before entering and the scene was performed brilliantly as Sikes (Luciano Romeo) was shot on a well-designed London Bridge set.

But possibly the loudest cheer of the night followed the outstanding vocal performance from Nancy (Nisha Patel) as she performed ‘As long as he needs me’.

The biggest praise of the night, however, has to go to Thomas Cove. At just 20 years old he directed the performance at Stantonbury Campus and also played the part of Fagin and he was extremely impressive.

His routine for ‘Pick a pocket’ and ‘Reviewing the situation’ were probably the highlights of the evening and had everybody in the audience smiling – and even giggling at some of the well pulled off jokes.

If those words aren’t enough to convince you then the queue of people who gathered to praise his acting after the show would tell you everything you need to know – and even a young girl told him ‘you were really good’.

But all of the cast have to be praised as they all did a fantastic job and proves Rare Productions is doing a great job in getting talented youngsters involved in musical theatre.

They aim to help youngsters perform on real stages in front of large audiences and who better to perform in front of than the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Brian White who was in attendance and certainly appeared to be enjoying himself.

If you’ve been suitably impressed then you should keep an eye out at for any future shows in Milton Keynes.