Rob’s sequel The Fearance gets StonyWords clearance!

The Fearance: New release
The Fearance: New release

Author Rob Badcock is back in play with the release of The Fearance – the follow-up to the warmly received Big Frog, which hit stores in 2011.

The former principal of Milton Keynes College has used MK as a descriptive palette too, as the back jacket blurb explains: ‘A space shuttle crash-lands on Tycho, the clone planet of Mother Earth.

Rib Meskitoe – one of the few survivors of Watershed – steps out to start a new life in the frontier town of Stonyville, where cowboys and cowgirls work hard and play hard, all under the stern stewardship of Marshall Amps.’

The second book in the trilogy is a high-protein tale plotting the surreal adventures of a 15-year-old, and the book gets its own launch event on Wednesday evening, as part of the StonyWords Festival.

Wednesday’s event – a joint venture with the Senior Youth Club – is happening at the York House Centre from 6pm and won’t cost a penny in admission.

Rob will be in attendence, naturally, and will read extracts from the page-turner, hand out signed bookmarks and share lots of useful tips with budding writers.

The Fearance is available as a Kindle e-book and a paperback from Amazon.