Roses & Pirates pay tribute to bandmate

Roses & Pirates, with Fay, far right: "We are on a mission to do her proud..."
Roses & Pirates, with Fay, far right: "We are on a mission to do her proud..."

At the start of the year, Roses & Pirates were gathering themselves ready for a busy 2013.

The all-girl assembly had made the decision to throw everything at their career, and had readied the music they hoped would take them up the musical ladder.

But in March, everything fell apart when drummer Fay Howell passed away unexpectedly.

She was just 25 years old.

“Being part of a band is like having a second family, the amount of time we would spend each week rehearsing, traveling to gigs, sitting in recording studios, we spent more time with each other than with our actual families.

“When Fay passed away we needed each other more than ever,” vocalist Rosie Thurston admitted.

“Music has always been a huge part of our lives and has been a massive help during our grieving process.

“We’ve had a huge response from fans and family and felt it our duty to get these songs out there to celebrate Fay’s music and remember her the way she would have wanted - making music and rocking out!”

And so the bandreturn this week, with the release of a new single in her memory.

The A-side is Fays Song: “It was a song we wrote with Fay before she passed away – the lyrics relate to a sour break-up she had a couple of years back, and was written as a bit of fun to humour the past,” Rosie told City Nights.

“We had planned with Fay that it would be our next release, and when she passed in March we cancelled future gigs and made it our focus to go into the studio, record the song and release it for her.

“The B-side, Lost Treasure, is our personal song for Fay.”

For Fay’s band mates,working together now is both comforting and fraught with emotion.

“...It’s our biggest challenge, we miss her musically but her presence and personality was such a big part of Roses & Pirates – it is still really difficult doing everything without her...the three of us are strong for each other and keep picking each other up in order to keep going,” Rosie added.

“We know it’s what Fay would have wanted and we are on a mission to do her proud.

> The tracks will be available on iTunes, Amazon and all major download sites from Sunday.