Sean celebrates E.P launch

Sean Grant: EP launch
Sean Grant: EP launch

It’s not Christmas just yet, but a trip to The Craufurd on Saturday night to see singer-songwriter Sean Grant will feel like you’ve been given an early Yuletide gift.

2013 has been a pretty good year for this city-based lad too – he took his music to the Camden Rocks Festival and was favourable reviewed in the Camden Review...nice work.

Sean will be playing with his band, The Wolfgang, and musically?

Expecting old folk story-telling with catchy pop choruses’ and you’ll leave happy.

Sean originally set to work with this musical excursion as a way to go on a personal storytelling journey about real people in everyday life, and the band evolved from there.

Forget all about disposable, tacky cheap pop too, Sean cuts the rubbish and writes about those around him instead – stories about his family history, like when his Grandparents ran away from Ireland to get married, and his father growing up as a typically working class man.

Sean calls it ‘rootsy, down to earth, honest songwriting.’

Next Thursday, Sean will have a free download and video available to say ‘cheers’ to those who have supported him this year.

Saturday’s show, also a freebie, is to celebrate the release.

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