Sean’s mumbo jumbo gig

Stables show: Juliet Kelly
Stables show: Juliet Kelly

We told you about it last week, but if you missed last night’s performance of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells for Two, there is another chance to sample it at The Stables this evening.

Join the Aussie duo responsible as they replay the classic album using 20 instruments between them.

It’ll leave you mesmerised, and them sweating.

We applaud your efforts, but really, just pressing play on the stereo would be a whole lot easier...

Seriously though, these guys are tremendous. If you like Oldfield and want to be dazzled, this show will win on both counts.

Comedian Sean Hughes is back tomorrow, as part of the Mumbo Jumbo tour.

Throughout his life, Sean has been battling to stay on the right side of sanity, and now realises the two sides of his brain are in constant conflict – and mumbo jumbo has the upper hand over common sense.

Sean will share the time he was serenaded at the break of dawn by Robert Smith, and tell you why he will never have a proper conversation with his mother.

You’ll also get a three-minute musical about ageing thrown in too.

Adult material will feature, blah, blah, blah...

If you aren’t afraid of the big bad wolf, or the risky mouth of Sean, book in.

John Dexter Jones and JUMP, and The Katie Buckhaven Band combine talents for some Saturday night fun, with both bands delivering a full set of material, and then on Sunday John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest will be in the spotlight.

Expect new songs and old hits (Mocking Bird, Hymn, Child of the Universe and Galadriel) from 8pm.

They’ve enjoyed sell-out runs at Edinburgh in 2013 and 2014, and now Worbey and Farrell’s House Party will impress in these parts, using just four hands and one piano on Tuesday evening.

The show comes with a promise that you’ll ‘be moved, delighted and utterly gobsmacked,’ as the ingenious duo take you on a music journey from Bach to Lily Allen, and from Reggae to Rachmaninov.

On Stage 2, acclaimed singer-songwriter Juliet Kelly will explore themes including the plight of a scorned mistress and cross-cultural love, in her new show Spellbound Stories.

Enjoy lifting melodies, quirky harmonies and intoxicating rhythms from 8.45pm.

Last up this week is Wednesday’s return by Martin Taylor.

His inimitable style is a wonderful maelstrom of virtuosity, emotion and humour, the product of five decades of spectacular jazz guitar work.

Book tickets on 01908 280800 or tap to