Shop, shop, shop!

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Be honest, you like a good old rummage, don’t you?

And they come none better than the Handmade & Vintage Extravaganza, which is back to make Middleton Hall shine again this weekend, writes Sammy Jones.

It really is a veritable feast of fantastic fare that greets visitors who like to spend their money on retro, unique and handmade products.

If you like mass produced, bland mainstream, away with you...the rest of us however, have got some serious shopping to get to!

Brighton is brilliant and Camden classy, but why travel when you have an event that can match theirs, right here on your doorstep?

We’ve bought all sorts on our visits in the past – from a nineteenth century wooden chest, to a childhood toy rediscovered, some too-tempting-to-ignore vinyl records and – cheekily – some chocci-licious cupcakes. And that barely scratches the surface.

If we ever win some serious cash, one of those jukeboxes that rock up at these shows is coming home with us too.

The fair will operate during usual shopping hours on Saturday and Sunday and stalls will be bustling with vintage designer dresses, natural skincare products, luxury hand knits, beautiful handmade bears, re-purposed kilts, kitchenalia, glass and china, pottery and ceramics, haberdashery, reclaimed timber items and too much more than we can cram into the here and now.

Suffice to say that if it ain’t here, it ain’t worth having!

“Our visitors enjoy an excitingly different shopping experience in the centre of Milton Keynes.

“We are well known for high standards and our carefully selected mix of exhibitors, who are passionate about what they do,” said organiser Jacqui Lewis.

They do the hard work, all you need do is raid the piggy bank or reach for your plastic pal and go mad in the aisles.