‘Snow’ rest for Warwick

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Sunday will be a bit of a glum day for us, with the final curtain call of MK Theatre’s stunning pantomime, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

We love the pizzazz of panto and Warwick Davis has given his all to the annual treat – as star of the piece, and director.

With the run almost at its end, Warwick has been speaking about his fellow cast members who have all played their partin making this the most successful panto at the venue for several years.

“We’ve got such a great cast... it really is a treat to have Jennifer (Ellison who plays the wicked Queen), she relishes the role, she’s eccentric, she’s flamboyant, she’s evil, she does a most brilliant hag – I love her voice as the hag, its so different.

“I’ve never worked with an actress who has grasped the complete contrast between those two characters, and she does a really great job and is always very thorough.

“You can tell she’s an experienced stage musical performer, and she takes direction and choreography really well.

“Kate (Stewart, Snow White) has a wonderful voice, Sean (Dalton, Prince) is amazing, and what I love is the contrast between him and Kev (Orkian, Herbert). The difference in their height is just a treat, we had such fun with that in rehearsals.

“We’ve got a really very strong cast and that’s half the battle isn’t it?

“It’s like an artist painting with a lovely set of acrylics, as opposed to cheap poster paints, it’s exactly like that.

“The crew here as well are fantastic, during the tech week it does become quite stressful.

“It can become a case of ‘we’ll do what we are asked to do’,’” he says speaking from past experience.

“But here they go one step beyond and are brilliant at facilitating the show.”

But while we might mourn the curtain coming down on the cheer, Warwick will barely have time to look back – he’s already busy as a bee through to June!

“After this I’m doing a film, called Get Santa, it’s an English film for next Christmas,” he tells me, fresh from the stage of another terrific performance.

“While the film is going on, I’ve got rehearsals for the Reduced Height Theatre Company – we go on tour with See How They Run at the end of February… Its an interesting venture, the cast will be all short actors but there will be no reference made to that in the play.

“We will simply do the text as written and let that speak for itself because it is a brilliant play and hopefully our performances will do it justice.

“Also in the new year there is a travel show that me and the family filmed last year… Then I do an entertainment show for ITV in June.

“That’s the plan and then it’ll be time for a holiday!” he says with a grin.

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