Soulfly head up a terrific weekend at The Craufurd Arms

Soulfly: Intimate MK date this weekend
Soulfly: Intimate MK date this weekend

There is an insane amount of good music ready to fly around MK this weekend – plenty of it at The Craufurd Arms, writes Sammy Jones.

Eyes down, and ears open for this lot...

Tomorrow night, The Acid Ballet arrive, although there ain’t nothing genteel and dainty-footed about this band of brothers.

Instead they take pointers from ‘the stylishly darker side’ of David Bowie, and the ‘primal and rabid side’ of The Damned and serve it up on a bed of rock n  roll raucousness.

Their debut single The Serpent Waits is coming soon, but first the band want to see you in the live – tickets for tomorrows’s show are a fiver.

On Saturday, Our Man in the Bronze Age make their debut foray to the live side in 2014 - having spent the year so far beavering away on new material.

The monsters of layered noise will be joined by F.I.N.K, Champions of Euthanasia (a new project formed by Graham Hulbert of OMITBA and Pheme and Modus Vivendi’s Paul Ford), Suttey and the End of the World, Seven Hundredth Unicorn and Rise Bailey Rise.

That’s a nice amount of the aurative to work your way through, so it’s hardly surprising to see that this night has an early start – doors at 6pm, tickets are £6.

At the start of the nineties, along with plenty of other heavy-heads, City Nights was obsessed with Sepultura, and their Arise opus.

The man fronting that release was Max Cavalera, and since 1997 he has been the driving force behind Soulfly.

On Sunday night the pioneer brings his band to play for you at the Wolverton venue.

Expect brutally brilliance with unkempt energy, and a relentless live package, featuring a decent portion of music lifted from the band’s current long-player, Savages.

“I really like the name Savages.  I like single words that sound powerful, like Primitive, Roots, Arise,” Max says.

“It’s about the human condition right now.

“We have the internet and we’re working on missions to Mars, but we are still decapitating each other and blowing up marathons.  We’re still savages.

“Even with technology and how far we’ve come in the world, our spirit is still that of a savage.”

In keeping with the usual Soulfly way of doing things, Savages features a guest list of performers – Napalm Death’s Mitch Harris adds vocals to one track, and Neil Fallon, from Maryland’s awesome Clutch can be heard on Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla.

It’s something of a family affair that will be in situ for the event too – Max’s son Zyon will be at the drum stool.

Max Cavalera doesn’t just play the metal stuff.  

It’s who he is, and he will share his passion with you from 7.30pm.

Tickets are decidedly scant, at £16 each.

Monday’s previously announced date by Reel Big Fish at the venue is, unsurprisingly, a long-time sold-out. 

Tickets to see the Californian ska-punkers sold quicker than fish at a penguin convention...