Stable-mates pop in

Remember when mouth-almighty Jonathan Ross used to occupy BBC schedules?

Monday, 18th March 2013, 2:00 pm
Ruarri Joseph Picture by James Ram

His talk show (he’d talk, guests would listen) was backed by a little ray of musical sunshine, 4 Poofs & A Piano.

Now, the 4Ps are back and according to the name of their show, are ‘Bigger, Louder, Harder, Longer!’

This Thursday evening the naughty funsters will return: Or at least the new incarnation will, with musical parodies and physical comedy at the fore.

Original member Big Dave Wickenden is still on hand, and Bobby Crush will be seated at the piano.

Under 16s might blush too much, and won’t be admitted!

Rabbiting duo Chas & Dave have sold-out tomorrow’s date (and other sell-outs this week include Henning Wehn and Steeleye Span), but you can still engage with Ruarri Joseph on Stage 2 tomorrow night, in support of his new album Brother, out March 25th.

Ruarri has tackled our Cue and Play questionnaire online too, so when you’ve finished reading this, have a nosey at that.

A vintage-style band with plenty to offer in the current climate, that’s The Lamours, who arrive at the venue on Saturday night, or pop across to Stage 2 instead and soak up the delightful sounds of Lisbee Stainton.

The folk-pop player took to Europe as support to Seth Lakeman last year, and the two continued their association when the dates were done: The duo have been writing songs for her new album, and she is now a fully-fledged member of his band.

The Radio 2 favourite released an album called Go, back in 2011.

It’s no coincidence that packages of prime goodness go by that name, of course...

A cappella aces Fork dig in on Tuesday, using their voices to terrific effect, covering everything from Coldplay to a Lady Gaga medley.

For tickets to any of these shows, call MK 280800.