Still monkeying about 14 years on

Monkey Kettle: Waiting for you to investigate the pages...
Monkey Kettle: Waiting for you to investigate the pages...

Just when you think it has gone quiet for a little too long, the Monkey Kettle poetry-zine comes back with added gusto.

Issue 39 is out now, and sees the collective of cool hurtling towards their 14th anniversary. That’s dedication for you.

Calling Mrs Christmas, snuggle up with a copy!

Calling Mrs Christmas, snuggle up with a copy!

Mind you, no-one is more surprised at the longevity than editor Matthew Taylor.“I’m astonished it’s lasted 14 days, let alone 14 years,”he said.

“I guess that must be testament to people’s on-going love for good poetry, good writing and a great town.

“As long as people are interested in it, we’ll be doing it – and I hope we’ll still be here in another 14 years, except maybe a bit richer and more handsome.”

If you want to get your hands on a copy of the new edition, hop on-line and visit

> Author Ellie Etchells is holding a book signing at her home in Aspley Guise on Saturday.

Ellie writes for the younger audience, and draws lots of inspiration from the canine cuties she shares her abode with, puppy Merlin and eight-year-old Tallulah.

Her mission is to reach out to youngsters through books, encouraging them to deal with their fears and to inspire children to read and write.

“It is so important to be able to reach out to all children, and I hope that through my books, I can help children to deal with their fears and derive both comfort and entertainment from these stories.”

Ellie’s page-turners, What Does My Dog Dream About At Night?, Merlin’s New Home, Come Out From Up That Jumper and Tallulah and The Ginger Tom will be available to purchase at the signing, at 110 West Hill in Aspley Guise, between midday and 3pm.

> Christmas comes early with the latest gift of a book from city author Carole Matthews,

Calling Mrs Christmas follows Cassie Smith as she overcomes being made redundant by starting her own festive business – present wrapping, tree decorating and lots of party planning.

Lovely, dependable partner Jim is always on hand to help but when one client’s lavish requests start to take up all her time, Cassie finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster.

Where will she be when the big day finally arrives, happy with Jim or with multi-millionaire Carter?

Unwrap Calling Mrs Christmas and settle down for some seasonal escapism – only 18 weeks to go...!

Calling Mrs Christmas is out in hardback – visit Amazon.