The art show that will never run out of puff!

martyn goodacre
martyn goodacre
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No, it’s not us being decidedly irresponsible and condoning the yukky habit (and we speak as one of those holier than thou annoying ex-puffers) but the title of a new exhibition being hosted at cool Bedford Gallery, Rock City Art.

From tomorrow, visitors will be able to check out iconic photos of some of the music industry’s most renowned figures, taking in the bad stuff.

A host of celebrated snappers have offered their work to the show – including Jan Persson, Ian Dickson, Tom Sheehan, Andrew Whitton, Danny North, Pat Pope, Steven Dewall, Andy Willsher and Mick Hutson.

Between them, they boast an enviable number of classic shots – pictures of rock n roll figures including Rolling Stone Keith Richards, Paul and Linda McCartney, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan.

Work from the mid 70s shows a youthful Steven Tyler in a series of smoky shots, and from more recent times, you’ll be able to see visuals of Ja Rule, Him, Crystal Castles, and Lemmy, the man who still manages to make the disgusting habit (there we go again with the reformed smoker chat) look cool...just as the exhibition says.

If you want to pop along to see the muso’s and their mini ‘sparks’ of inspiration in hand, the show opens its doors tomorrow, and runs through to October 25th.

The Gallery is located on Castle Lane in the town.

For more information, take a look at the website: