The Bard of Stony...It’s not just for poets!

Former Bard Richard Frost...will you be next in the role?
Former Bard Richard Frost...will you be next in the role?

The Bardic Trials are almost upon us once again – the time when performers show what they are made of before a live audience as they do battle for the rather prestigious position of the Stony Stratford Town Bard.

Anyone can enter too – poets, performers, singers, songwriters, storytellers, speakers, orators, reciters, or as organisers say, “anyone with a voice who knows how to use it is welcome to enter into the spirit of the Bardic Tradition and become the new Bard for 2014.”

The official position is supported by the town council and the chosen one will spend the following year and a day acting as a figurehead for the spirit of creativity, community and culture within the town.

They will be responsible for writing and performing pieces to celebrate the various activities and achievements of the community and will preside over public events, and as everyone knows, Stony Stratford is quite the little hive of goodies, so he or she will be a busy bee!

Competitors will be showing their wares before a panel of judges and you, the audience, who have the final say, so go on – get involved.

Tuesday’s trials are being hosted at The Crown watering hole, Market Square, Stony Stratford between 8 and 11pm.