The burning question: Christmas pud or mince pie, which is best?


WE asked some of the new city’s leading musical lights to sum up their year and to answer that all important question: Christmas pudding....or mince pie?!

Urban ace Zaheer has had a cracking year, making it through to mainstream radio and the dizzy heights of Radio 1.

And he has a Twitter friend in Professor Green. Nice.

Your highlight of 2012?

Having my song played in the middle of the day by the likes of Fearne Cotton, Nick Grimshaw, Annie Mac and others....while receiving rave reviews from listeners and DJs!

How are you spending Christmas Day?

With a massive roast and definitely a Home Alone movie or two. McCauley Culkin = Christmas!

Christmas pudding, or mince pie?

Christmas pudding, of course!

Ambitions for 2013?

To release Mood Swings, release a video every other month, to broaden my creative horizons and generally take over the world.

J-HURLEY has been genre juggling with a great new solo album in the racks, and working as part of alt-heavies Hacktivist.

Your highlight of 2012?

Going on tour around the UK

Best live gig?

At Euroblast in Germany. It was my first time playing in Germany and there were loads of people singing along

How are you spending Christmas Day?

Eating and watching films!

Christmas pudding, or mince pie?

I don’t like pudding or mince pies – I like warm apple pie and custard

Ambitions for 2013?

To release a Hacktivist album

Hardcore-Ska mash-up men Anti-Vigilante have made lots of headway with their frantic live shows, which have been paying dividends...

Anti-Viglilante’s highlight of 2012?

Drummer Sean: “Doing a Maida Vale session for BBC Radio 1s punk show.

We recorded four live tracks and did an interview with Mike Davies.

It was really exciting because we’ve listened to that show for years and it was an honour to be featured

Your best live gig

That’s a tough one...I would say our best was in Camden at a venue called Our Black Heart.

The show was packed and everyone seemed to be having a really good time.

It’s always quite surreal playing shows where people know the words and sing along, but it’s a great feeling.

How are you spending Christmas Day?

Relaxing with the family, eating too much and watching Home Alone

Christmas pudding, or mince pie?

Mince pie, for sure.

Ambitions for 2013?

We are doing some headline shows in January, touring with Morning Glory in April, and are in the prcess of planning a European tour.

We’ve also got some music videos coming out from our latest album, Tempest.

TesseracT mightn’t have played live too much in 2012, but they’ve still had an exciting year – and recently bagged an award at the inaugural Prog Rock gong giving...

Your highlight of 2012?

Finding our fourth singer!

Your best live gig of 2012?

Well, we’ve only played five gigs this year, and the best one would have to be Euroblast in Germany.

It’s always fun to play there, and to see the event grow from a small underground venue to a 1000+ capacity.

We also played on a boat in Paris!

That was a great show.

How are you spending Christmas day?

Probably finishing album number well as lots of booze and food with family

Christmas pudding, or mince pie?

Christmas pudding when it is drenched with whiskey!

Ambitions for 2012?

To have album number two finished very early in the year and start touring again.