The Hoosiers: Ready to ‘socket’ to The Stables

The Hoosiers
The Hoosiers

CELEBRATE the best of British Classic Rock and Pop at The Stables tonight with a team of top musicians and singers – all of whom are directly linked to the great artists being lauded.

Moody Blues drummer Gordy Marshall joins Paul Bliss, Marcus Cliff and special guest Peter Howarth – current lead singer of The Hollies – for Reflections of a Rock n Roll Tour.

Chart their collective musical paths as they showcase all those hits you love.

All those little annoyances you have stored up will be addressed by Danny Bhoy on Friday in his loose stand up / breakdown show which revolves around letters of complaint.

“A few years back I launched a campaign (wrote some letters) which successfully saw the return of Roast Beef Monster Munch to our supermarket shelves. You’re welcome.”

Yep – that should be enough to pique your interest.

Alternatively, Stage 2 will see The Wishing Well – providing a performance to appeal to lovers of emotive lyrics and melodies.

Fleetwood Bac are all but sold out on Saturday night in the Jim Marshall auditorium, but try Stage 2 – Rising blues-rock guitarist Aaron Keylock is playing.He cut his teeth as a player in London’s most famous blues clubs at just 12 years old – and he’s only 14 now!

The contemporary take on traditional music from Ethiopia offered by Krar Collective is a surprising yet delightful evening of entertainment for Sunday.

In association with Making Tracks, Temesgen Zeleke and the Krar Collective perform a varied repertoire from gentle ballads to high-energy dance tunes, accompanied by just drums.

Electro-acoustic early music ensemble Joglaresa bring anarchy and sensuality back into medieval music on Tuesday, with songs of illicit affairs and seductions, biting criticisms of bankers, politicians, bishops and conflict in the Middle East...

Sound familiar, at all?

Meanwhile, vocal supergroup Sector 7 will take jazz and soul to the next level on Stage 2.

Last, but by no means least, The Hoosiers, indie-poppers behind the smash hit ‘Worried about Ray’ and the quirky ‘Goodbye Mr A’, will be making sounds on Wednesday.

Call for tickets on MK 280800.