The patter of 12 baby feet at Woburn Safari Park

One of the Somali Wild Ass foals
One of the Somali Wild Ass foals

Woburn Safari Park has announced the arrival of not one, nor two, but three beautiful Somali Wild Ass foals.

The healthy and lively trio are doing well and set to be a wonderful addition to the animal attractions at the Safari Park.

The extraordinary breeding success is made all the more important as the animals are critically endangered - Woburn is one of only three centres in the UK holding a breeding herd of the Somali Wild Ass, which makes their arrival so important.

“This is a great achievement,” commented Chris Smart, Head of Section at Woburn Safari Park, “We have held Somali Wild Ass since May 2007 and it being our first ever foals, the team are really proud to see this gorgeous new addition to the herd.”