Theatre around MK: your guide to the coming week

From a Roald Dahl favourite to classic opera, there's plenty going on on the stage...

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 11:09 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:03 am
Fantastic Mr Fox: a juicy tale of greed, pride and the power of friendship

Fantastic Mr Fox

Milton Keynes Theatre, March 7-11

Animal magic arrives at the theatre from Tuesday with Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox.

Boggis, Bunce and Bean, three greedy, smelly horrid farmers hate the cunning Mr Fox. He is smart, clever and rather fantastic, but he doesn’t realise how determined the farmers are to get revenge. Can he hatch a plan to save his family and friends? Can they outrun the diggers and outsmart the farmers, and can rabbit shut up long enough not to give the game away? Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox is family fun at its finest. A juicy tale of greed, pride and the power of friendship, this flagship production for the Roald Dahl centenary celebrations, promises a dahlicious theatrical feast with live music andsongs and gloriumptious designs. A wondercrump treat for the whole family! The work has been adapted for the stage by Sam Holcroft, who has a definite form - her most recent work premiered at the National Theatre in 2015, and the year previously she was a recipient of the Windham Campbell Prize for Literature in the Drama Category. And that’s not her only gong for clever work.

The show features original music by Arthur Darvill, who is as well known for being in front of the camera as he is for writing a score.

La Boheme

Northampton Derngate, March 8

La Bohème is one of the most romantic operas ever written. It tells the tragic tale of the doomed, consumptive Mimi and her love for a penniless writer. The set reflects the Bohemian art of the period including a brass band, snow effects and Musetta’s dog will also make an entrance. A classic tale of Parisian love and loss...


Stantonbury Theatre , until Saturday

ETC Theatre Company are continuing performances of the Monty Python classic Spamalot, at Stantonbury Campus. It’s a guaranteed smile bringer, and played out by a clever cast who know their game well. We’re trying to tell you that it’s a winner, but then we thought about it and decided that the cast could spill the beans instead! Here’s David Lovesy with the lowdown: “We have professional musicians, a dedicated dance troupe, well loved local comedy performers… over forty people involved in bringing it all to the stage… ensuring that the audience have a great night out!

“The show has loads of favourite scenes from the film intertwined with original comedy songs and a psychopathic rabbit...”

Lee Nelson

Northampton Derngate, March 3

The Sun says he is a ‘comedy legend’ and we aren’t about to disgree. After getting into trouble for sneaking into places he shouldn’t be, Lee Nelson is back where he most definitely should be: live on stage with his brand-new, laugh-out-loud, best ever stand-up show. Kanye West and Sepp Blatter aren’t expected to take a ticket.


Caribbean Soldiers

Stantonbury Theatre, March 7

Spears Indi-Theatre present the story of the contribution made by young Caribbean men and women during the Great War.

Although the work they did was mainly manual, some would say demeaning; it made a huge and significant contribution to winning the war.

A Passionate Woman

Northampton Derngate, March 7-11

Betty (Liza Goddard) retreats to her attic and relives her long-lost youth and the love affair she had in the 1960s. Surrounded by her memories and ghosts from her past, she finds herself torn between the past and the future in the work from Kay Mellor’s clever pen.