Haunted holiday snaps show figure on mountainside

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One man’s holiday photographs produced a spooky surprise when he returned home and spotted a ghostly figure standing on an ancient mountainside.

Michael Holmes, who works for Volkswagen in Milton keynes, was on holiday in Northern Cyprus last month when he visited The Saint Hilarion Castle with his wife.

He took a number of snaps of the mountainside castle from different angles, yet all the images showed the white figure standing rigidly to 
attention in the same spot.

Mr Holmes says that did not see the figure when he took the photographs, nor when he climbed to the top of the mountain earlier that day.

He said: “When I got home to England and first looked at the photos I thought it was light reflecting on one picture. But then I saw the same figure on three different shots, all from different angles.

“I believe that it’s a ghost.

“The mountain is 700 metres high with beautiful views,and it looks like the figure is on the viewing platform.

“The castle used to be ruled by Prince John, and any 
traitors would be thrown to their deaths from that part of the mountain.

“If it is a ghost then I reckon is him.”

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