Milton Keynes biker returns after trip around the UK’s coastline

mpmc John Wallis back at Milton Keynes Museum
mpmc John Wallis back at Milton Keynes Museum

One speeding ticket, one lost bag and wallet, and one circumnavigation of the entire British coast all added up to £4,000 being raised for Sports Relief.

Vintage biker John Wallis returned to his starting point at Milton Keynes Museum on Sunday, after his five-day trip on a 90-year-old bike.

The 65 year old’s challenge began on 25 June, when he left the museum on a motorbike that was made in the year Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and which was unearthed from a back garden by his father in the 1960s.

And his speeding ticket and the occasional lost items were the only hiccups on his fundraising trek.

John said: “I’m really embarrassed about getting a ticket but I haven’t got a speedometer, so I usually tell my speed from the traffic around me.

“The north-west of Scotland was the bit I was most looking forward to but I loved north Cornwall and the Welsh coast from St David’s to Aberystwyth was great.

“Would I do it again? Yes – when the bike reaches its 100th birthday. I’ll go round the other way!”