Tread the Boards walk the plank


THE buccaneers at the Tread the Boards theatre group are setting voyage for the Chrysalis Theatre ready to bring you the swashbuckling tale of Treasure Island tomorrow.

A motley crew of one-legged seamen carrying parrots on their shoulders will bring Robert Louis Stevnson’s classic tale of pirates, mutiny and buried treasure to life.

There will be songs, laughs and thrills galore as Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver embark on their quest to find a legendary hoard of pirate plunder.

But it seems that odd-job man Jim is not the only one who dreams of having adventures on the high seas – the sinister Pew and his gang of ruffians are intent on getting hold of Jim’s treasure map.

Will Jim and his mother escape their assailants, will Jim be reunited with the lovely Hermione and will the ‘x’ really mark the spot?

All will be revealed in this thrilling family adventure, complete with songs, humour and some very desperate pirates.

The voyage begins tomorrow at 7.15pm and continues on Saturday at both 2.30pm and 7.15pm.

For information and to book, visit