Treasures in MK unites art fans

The Private View for Treasures in MK
The Private View for Treasures in MK

Old Masters are represented with works by Hogarth and Millais, and modern Masters too – Warhol, Matisse and Picasso among the featured favourites.

Welcome to the current Treasures in MK exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery.

And what an apt title it proves to be, with a simply sensational array of art to feast upon and draw from.

There are some surprises to be had – a self-portrait by David Bowie, for one.

The pop examples don’t start and stop there either – a short saunter to the Long Gallery and you’ll come face to face with The Beatles, and photographs of The Fab Four admiring their model selves back in the 1960s.

In the same room, gloriously gleaming, is an Aston Martin DB4, parked up quietly.

Treasures in MK, described as a ‘collection of collections’ and a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ is a wonderful way to soak in a truly spectacular array of traditional art, with widely ranging subject matters and approach to the works.

It is so engaging that you’ll want to return again and again – if only to identify all of the Proverbs in Tom Chadwick’s wonderful piece from 1939!

Or maybe you’ll want a second glance at those taxidermied pelicans in the Cube Gallery. Luckily, there is plenty more time to view with the intriguing, inspiring show which is on until the end of March.

To miss it, is to miss out.