Ultra rare Gary Numan vinyl surfaces

The Numan rarity, set to put collectors in a spin!
The Numan rarity, set to put collectors in a spin!

We are still cringing about splashing out the best part of seventy big ones on a Cream boxset earlier in the year...but a seven inch single currently for sale through the Oxfam, Olney store is possibly one of the most expensive little pieces of vinyl around. Anywhere.

A green vinylcopy of Gary Numan’s 1980 single We Are Glass/Trois Gymnopedies (1st Movement) has turned up, and the store is offering it to GO! readers, for one week only from today, at a reduced price of £550.

Now, serious Numan collectors won’t bat an eyelid, seeing as how so few were pressed: ‘Only a handful are in existence’, and the vinyl is in great condition.

In recent years, just two copies have surfaced for sale online – the last time in 2007 through ebay.

That single attracted dozens of bids and reached a final sales figure of £820.

If you are interested in the vinyl, you need to contact the store directly (call 01234 714592), as the record won’t be sitting on the shelves when you pop in – although a facsimile will be on display.

If no buyers come through in the next seven days, the vinyl will be listed on the Oxfam online shop at www.oxfam.org.uk/shop for £600.

Ironically, this rarity only ranks in the number 9 spot of most collectable Numan releases, in the vinyl bible Record Collector.

What’s your most treasured vinyl release, or the one you really want?

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