Walk with Festive Road

Walking with Giants (pic: Al Hunter)
Walking with Giants (pic: Al Hunter)

A couple of weeks back, for one glorious hour, the cars and buses that usually snake a trail through the heart of town were banished.

Instead, Festive Road took to the streets, replacing engine roars with live music and a colourful parade of larger than life figures at the fourth annual Walking with Giants Parade.

Now Festive Road want you to volunteer your services and help make the company even bigger!

“Festive Road participatory Outdoor Arts Company have enjoyed life on the international carnival scene for over 10 years,” said FR’s Louise Evans.

“We have regular opportunities for volunteers to get involved in individual projects or resident artist positions.

“We can offer you hands on experience of what it takes to put on and run a truly inspiring carnival, street performance or a commissioned giant build.”

So, how about it?

Roll up, roll up and be part of something truly special.

Drop an email to carnival@festiveroad.org.uk

Pic: Al Hunter