Walking with Giants reaches new heights

Binbot: Taking things to new heights...
Binbot: Taking things to new heights...

Big steps will be taken to ensure Sunday’s second Walking with Giants event is a success.

More than 15 gargantuan structures – made by groups in MK, London and the South East, will be snaking their way from The Hub to The Theatre District.

Fantasy characters, dragons, birds and various strange and mythical creatures will all be walking tall during the Festive Road organised affair, which is coming in under the Fringe MK banner.

Among them will be Binbot, Mr Recycle More.

He is a 4.7 metre high talking robot, made from wheelie bins.

Here’s what’s happening, when on Sunday:

8am: The giants assemble at thehub:MKand Binbot will be created outside the front of Jury’s Inn

10.30am: School andcommunitypartipants gather in the piazza

11.15am Samba bands and dance groups warm up

11.45am Participants line-up for the parade

Midday: Parade moves from The Hub onto Midsummer Boulevard up to the Theatre District

Midday-3pm: The giants will be gone, but the Piazza will continues to buzz with drumming workshops, street entertainment and music.