Want to Seymour? How about a man-eating plant on stage?

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Another busy week at Wavendon’s Stables gets underway withThe Counterfeit Stones this evening.

Not that you’ll be getting your rocks off at the bash – it’s sold out.

How about a session of Afro-Cuban sounds tomorrow nightinstead?

Son Yambu play a fusion of Spanish and African rhythms and have just released their debut CD.

Singer-songwriter Paul Liddell will be live on Stage 2.

On Saturday, The Northern Soul Tour will play the Motown hits you love.

Join the late, great Edwin Starr’s band as they dig into the back catalogue of Starr’s hits and a veritable feast of other Northern Soul classics.

Steam Punk ahead at the venue on Saturday evening with Harry and Edna, who present a refined evening of entertainment with Professor Elemental.

Looking for invention, chapism and sartorial offerings?

Your search has just ended.

The last couple of times he was in these parts, he spent half his time on a flying carpet, as the star of Aladdin, and the other among the cast of Legally Blonde.

But there will be no genie (or lamp) when Gareth Gates (left) rocks up at the venue on Sunday.

Instead, he will use this stripped back, acoustic date to deliver a fan pleasing set taking from his chart hits, and new material. Special guest is Jai McDowall.

Raghu Dixit is often hailed as India’s biggest cultural and musical export. Why?

Because his unique brand of infectious, happy music transcends age, genre and language. So there.

Last up this week, Live Live Cinema with Little Shop of Horrors (below). screened with a live soundtrack courtesy of four performers working at breakneck speed.

Join man-eating plant Audrey, Seymour, Mushnik and Dentist from 8pm.

Fancy tickets for any of these? Call 01908 280800.