Welcome to the jungle

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Neon Jungle visit Milton Keynes tomorrow, to promote the release of their debut album Welcome to the Jungle, which hit the racks on Monday.

The girls will be visiting music retailer HMV to scribble their names across copies of the album for fans, and while here they’ll let their voices loose, for an acoustic set in-store.

So far, NJ have had four singles chart , including last week’s release Louder, which was a departure from those earlier pop hooks and dance beats.

“Lyrically it’s very relatable, it’s about drowning out feelings and emotions,” explained Asami.

“It’s about not being in control of the way you feel because of someone else and wanting to turn everything up louder to escape that.

“I think people expected our fourth single to be another dance track, but it was always in our plans to release a slower song and surprise people.

“It’s still got the energy and power but in a more subtle way,” she added.

The quartet – completed by Jess, Amira and Shereen – have plenty to smile about right now: Aside from the debut album, the band have toured with Jessie J, been signed up by Storm model agency and inked a deal with RCA Records in America.

“We’re different from anyone else around at the minute,” Jess said, “We’re not clean cut, we don’t dress the same, our voices don’t sound the same and we don’t stand in a line doing dance routines.

“We are individuals.”

Crazily, when The Spice Girls burst onto the scene, the girls in Neon Jungle were aged between two and five years old.

“I love it when anyone compares us to them,” Shereen admits, “...because they just took over everything.”

Neon Jungle will rock up at thecentre:mk store at 5pm.