Wonder-ful fill of the funnies

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There will be added giggles with your night out at Wonderworld this Saturday evening, when The Comedy Club return.

It’ll be a triple treat of the funnies too, with a bill hosted by small screen familiar Mike McClean, and also boasting Colin Cole and Slim...but there ain’t nothing Shady about this chap, right?

If you spend time – as GO! did – with the ‘cast’ of Big Breakfast as you ate your toast and marmite, you’ll remember Mr McClean.

He was their roving reporter, the man with lots of spark and lots of mouth. A guaranteed smile bringer.

There have been numerous other successes, mind you – across the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and Sky.

He has also figured in a couple of other television smashes from recent times, namely Shameless and The Office. Mike is your host, and will introduce Colin Cole to the stage.

He ranks as one of the biggest names in comedy Down Under – well, he is 6’7”!

The New York Times once remarked that Colin is ‘One of the most exciting performers to come out of Australia since Skippy.’

That’s quite something, is that.

Londoner Slim is your headliner, a favourite among favourites for his ability to capture different aspects of everyday life and twist them into his own brand of comedy.’

A taut bill comes at a tidy price – just £10 gets you the comedy, or upgrade to one of the Silver or Gold packages and eat and drink too.

Visit www.thecomedyclub.co.uk