You ‘avin a laugh?

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Not all humour needs to be screamed at you from 100 paces. It’s not volume that maketh the comedian.

It’s the stories, and perfect punchlines.

Enter Reginald D Hunter, who has none of the former, but both of the latter.

We’ve seen him at work on the stage, and been wowed by his cheeky nature, disguised by a terrifically amiable nature.

He’s smart too, is Reginald, as you’ll find out directly if you book in to see him at play at MK Theatre this Sunday evening.

Reg is making a return visit as part of his new 45 date UK tour, The Man Who Attempted To Do As Much As Such.

Never one to shy away from subjects including race and sexuality, he isn’t afraid to be controversial.

Take him on if you dare.

Recently, he has been on the small screen with his three-part series Songs of the South.

It saw him return to his birthplace for an epic road trip from North Carolina to New Orleans, taking in 150 years of American popular song along the way.

His charming approach, warm nature and ability to connect with people made for a terrific, informative watch.
It was quite possibly the best thing the BBC has commissioned in aeons. More please!

For now though, it’s this comedy road trip that is keeping the wheels turning.

Join the dreaded delight on Sunday night.

To book tickets visit

> And the funnies keep on falling on Sunday night – in Newport Pagnell John Hastings and Chris Martin will share the mic when they perform at That Time of the Month Comedy Club.

Canadian John has spent the past couple of years in London, making friends and bringing smiles to Radio 4 and as a comedy correspondent, while Chris Martin has toured as frontman with Coldplay and....oh wait a moment, it’s not that Chris Martin!

This one actually toured with a solo show titled Chris Martin. No. Not That One.

Just in case of any confusion.

He has supported JackWhitehall, Russell Kane and toured with Milton Jones.

He’s a laugh and a half, is Chris. Which is useful.

Tickets for Sunday’s bash at The Cannon are a fiver in advance, £7 on the doors which open at 7pm.