You’ll be all shook up, uh-huh-huh

Love Me Tender: Shaun Williamson & Mica Paris
Love Me Tender: Shaun Williamson & Mica Paris

Take a couple of dozen smash-hit songs from the King, a cast of class and a production team used to filling theatres with on-stage delights including Jersey Boys and Hairspray.

Pop them into a bag named ‘new product’, give it a good shake, and what have you got?

New musical Love Me Tender, which arrives in MK on Monday.

In a small town in 1950s America, a guitar-playing, hip-swivelling stranger rides his motorbike into town, revving up the residents as he goes.

Is he The Devil in Disguise or a Hound Dog in his Blue Suede Shoes?

Whatever he is, the townsfolk are about to be erm, All Shook Up.

None more that Natalie, the love-struck, tomboy mechanic.

Described as ‘a tale of hope, second chances and the healing qualities of rock n roll’ by those behind the work, Love Me Tender stars former Walford resident (back in his Eastenders days), Shaun Williamson, one-time hairdresser (from her time in the BBC1 drama Cutting It), Sian Reeves, and singer Mica Paris.

It’s yours to engage with through to Saturday (August 1).

Tickets start at £17 .

You get your mitts on them by clicking to or calling 0844 871 7652.