‘You’ll be in the best of hands’

Rock School
Rock School

EVERYBODY has to start somewhere, and MK RockSchool is a terrific platform for youngsters to get a grounding in the art of music making.

The Rock School is a perfect first stop off for those wanting to learn guitar, bass, drums or vocals.

Starting from scratch?

Not a problem.

Or perhaps you can already play, but want to break out of the ‘bedroom musican’ mould and get some live experience on stage with a proper band.

Again, MK Rock Service will get you sorted.

“The ethos at MKRS is very definitely aimed at musicians playing together and, once you can play your instrument, you could be playing in a band every week in a fully equipped live room,” said Rock School manager Andy Glass.

Andy isn’t only a teacher, but he plays in Solstice, the band he founded more than three decades ago.

They have enjoyed heaps of success over the years, so you not only get tutoring for your notation, but can get plenty of advice on the industry too.

The rock school has been lending a nurturing hand to newbie musicians since 1999, and also offers an annual Rock School Riot competition, three-day holiday courses and plenty of chances to get gritty with gigs.

If you want to try out before officially signing up, you can attend the Rock School out for half a term with no fee, and no obligation.

And, if you do decide to become a fully fledged member after that, there are lots more benefits for the taking.

“If you wish, you can take up a second class in another instrument at no extra charge,” Andy says, “...so for all those guitarists that want to learn to sing, now is the time.

“There are one hour sessions while you are learning, and two hour sessions once you are ready to play live in the band each week, and at MKRS all the tutors are pro musicians with long experience playing live and in the studio, so you’ll be in the best of hands,” he added.

Sessions take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings (term time) at Stantonbury Campus, as a part of the MK Music Service.

To find out more, or to arrange a time to pop along and see what’s on offer, visit the website www.mkrockschool.org.uk or give them a call on 0845 2000 096.