Zeppelin nights recalled

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Author Jerry White will visit Bletchley Park on Sunday, as the Home of the Codebreakers continues its WWI theme.

The writer will be discussing his new book, Zeppelin Nights: London in the First World War, giving an overview of the Zeppelin raids and shortcomings they exposed in London’s defences.

Jerry has been writing about London history for more than four decades, while also working in local government – he is a former Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hackney.

In Zeppelin Nights, he examines how raids on London had been expected from the moment war was declared, prompting precautionary measures including nighttime blackouts and the installation of guns on prominent buildings and in the parks.

But in May 1915, the raids began regardless, with Londoners mixed responses spanning the sangfroid at one end to absolute blind panic at the other....

Tickets for the talk are £25 which includes tea and cake and a book signing.

Guests will also have access to Bletchley Park for the day, to explore the heritage site.

To book your place visit www.bletchleypark.org.uk/shop or call 01908 272684.

By Leisure editor Sammy Jones.