Milton Keynes Marketing – the agency using AI to transform the way companies spread the word

A Milton Keynes company is revolutionising digital marketing with the use of AI.

Christian Strutt, owner of Milton Keynes Marketing, is no doubt he and his growing team have the skills needed to get around AI detection and transform the way they operate.

“By using AI it means my team are doing the equivalent of 1,000s of hours of work, every day,” he enthuses.

Using only a few keywords, AI technology can generate text (this was written by a human) which appears to be original. But search engines and internet providers use technology to detect when online content has been machine-generated like this.

Christian and his team, however, say they have a way to “defeat the search engine algorithms”, which sometimes devalue content written by AI. They use software available online to generate content which they say cannot be detected. This can help websites be rated more highly online.

After starting in February, Christian has grown his team to 17 with the employees, based in India, each doing “the equivalent of 200 hours’ work a day on average” because AI technology allows them to produce so much more material than writing it manually. They also use AI to improve a company website’s SEO rating.

At the moment Christian’s clients are local but he is hoping to expand across the UK.

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