Support to live well in your own home – Support and companionship in Olney, Newport Pagnell and MK North

Are you or a loved one finding that some everyday tasks are becoming too taxing? Do you wish someone could just pop in for a cuppa or a chat?

Well, help is at hand and this Milton Keynes North company has just expanded its reach to ensure even more people can live their best life in their own home.

Silver Smiles offers a bridge for people who do not need full time care, but who could benefit from support with some of life’s more mundane or difficult tasks – or those who would just like to see a friendly face and enjoy some companionship. Their staff can support someone living in their own home, so that they can enjoy their home comforts as they should.

Silver Smiles, is based in Olney and covers the surrounding areas and villages but has now expanded into Newport Pagnell and MK North.

What is Silver Smiles?

The company offers domestic assistance and visiting – providing friendly, local people to come to your home (or that of a loved one) as often as needed to support those who need a little help in their home.

They said: “Whether you need assistance due to a disability, require a friendly face to help out around the home, or someone to help out and about, Silver Smiles is here to provide people support when they need it.

“We are a domestic assistance and visiting service. Our aim is to provide a friendly, local face, as often as is needed to any adult who feels they need a little help in their own home.

Sometimes it is not formal care that is needed, but someone to talk to, someone to help around the house with everyday things, cooking, changing beds or going for a walk or shopping with the added reassurance of an escort.

Busy lives and commitments mean we often don’t have the time to spend with older relatives, or vulnerable younger ones, but Silver Smiles staff can step in to support anyone who needs a little help and bridge that gap.

Peace of mind

You may be worrying about whether your loved one has taken their medication, whether they have had some company or spoken to someone, whether they are cooking and eating a decent meal or can manage some of the more demanding household chores.

There is a wide range of things that Silver Smiles’ staff could help with, such as general cleaning, meal preparation, collecting prescriptions, chaperone to appointments or do some shopping. Or it might just be that someone is needed to pop in, make a cup of tea and stay for a chat – just a general check in to see if they are okay or need anything.

They care!

Although the staff are not ‘carers’ they do care! Domestic assistants can ensure you or a loved one continues to cope with daily tasks and receives support and company when it’s needed.  Not only that but it relieves pressure on other services too.

Finding someone you trust to assist with day to day tasks and family support is not easy. This is why we’re as flexible as possible to make sure we get the  right support for you.

Silver Smiles

“We do not create set packages, all visits are tailored to your specific needs as we know every person is unique. Silver Smiles visits can be as long and as frequently as you require. From as small as half an hour, we can support you.”

To find out more about the services offered or to speak to someone to discuss specifics you can visit the website here or phone 07891 599 593 or email  [email protected]

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