£1.5million cash boost for Bletchley confirmed


A multi-million pound investment in Bletchley Railway Station will be used as a springboard to a wider regeneration of the town centre.

Milton Keynes Council has secured £1.5million to modernise the station and improve to transport links with the town.

Councillor Rob Middleton claims the cash will be the key for a wide-ranging investment into the town.

He said: “We have already secured £500,000 from MK Council for the ongoing Fixing The Links project. Now that we have this £1.5million too, we can go out to the market and use this to attract even more money from the private sector.

“There are a lot of streets around Bletchley station that are completely under-
utilised, and in other parts of the country they would be seen as great places to invest or base a business.

“Over the next 10-15 years we will look back on this money and see this as the start of it all.”

The money is part of a £79.3million investment by the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership and the government.

Bletchley’s share ties in with the long-planned 
re-opening of the rail route 
between Bletchley and Oxford in 2019.

Funds will also be used to make the A421 a dual 
carriageway at Fen Farm, 
allowing housing growth without increasing congestion.

Across the region the project is expected to create up to 3,000 jobs, and allow 4,000 homes to be built.

Iain Stewart, MP for 
Milton Keynes South, believes the cash sum will be a “big boost” for the city.

He said: “I was particularly delighted to see the 
£1.5million given to develop Bletchley Station.

“I am hopeful the project will get its desired effect and will become a catalyst for 
further investment.”