100 people to run MK marathon for George

George Stansfield
George Stansfield

A baby who died just 36 hours after being born is helping to save the lives of other critically ill children.

Kirsty and Jonny Stansfield, of Oakridge Park, were devastated when their first child George died, after the healthy 8lbs 11oz baby was deprived of oxygen during labour and his fight for life proved too great a challenge.

Since then, George’s family, who called themselves Team George from the moment he was born in November last year, became determined to ensure he had a lasting legacy and have already raised £25,500 for the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

And it’s all because Team George, friends, family and even strangers have donated and over 100 people will run MK’s half and full marathon on Monday in George’s memory.

Jonny, 28, said: “I think when you have been through what we have then a marathon seems like nothing, although my legs might be a bit sore in the end! We’ll just put one foot in front of the other. We’re very positive people so we’re always trying to look forward.

“Although the hospital couldn’t save George’s life, they were incredible to us so we wanted to give something back and it keeps us focused.

“It hasn’t quite sunk in how much we have raised; I think we’ll look back in the future and it’ll suddenly hit us.

“What is amazing is that the legacy George has left behind is greater than some people who have lived for 80 or 90 years. It’s going to be emotional day because it’s all been building up to this moment since the beginning of the year, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

The funds will be spent on two mobile ICU trolleys for the support for the sick newborns and their parents, at the hospital. To donate, visit www.mycharitypage.com/GeorgeStansfield