102 people died in Milton Keynes last winter from being too cold

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A shocking 102 people died in Milton Keynes last winter as a direct result of being too cold.

Now, with temperatures already plummeting, the Citizen is banking on readers’ warm hearts to prevent a chilling repeat of these statistics.

We have joined forces with the MK Community Foundation to officially back its Surviving Winter campaign.

Every penny raised will help prevent vulnerable and elderly people in the city from literally dying of the cold.

The cash will buy shelter for the homeless as well as warmth for pensioners who cannot afford fuel.

It will pay for a task force from the Age UK charity to visit pensioners in their homes and check whether they need heaters, blankets or draught excluders.

More donations will go to the YMCA to take shivering homeless people directly off icy streets and into an emergency night shelter.

Meanwhile the fund will quietly boost the supplies of the MK Food Bank to ensure needy people at least have the body fuel to keep warm.

Fiona Pizzey, of MK Community Foundation, said: “Last winter saw 102 deaths too many. They were all deaths directly attributable to cold conditions and the inability of older, poorer people in particular to deal with them.”

The figures come from the Government’s ‘Excess Winter Death’ toll, collected by the Office for National Statistics.

They show Milton Keynes to be disturbingly worse than the national average.

Said Fiona: “We are determined to make prevent this happening this year and we urge everybody to join the Big Chill Challenge and back our campaign.”

You can donate by visiting www.localgiving.com/charity/mkcomfoundation