13 people evacuated from small Milton Keynes home

A three-bedroom terraced house occupied by 13 people had to be evacuated after mystery cracks appeared near the roof.

Thursday, 21st April 2016, 4:31 am

The Victorian property in Wolverton prompted a drama on Friday evening after the bulging brickwork was spotted.

Firefighters and evacuated all the occupants, as well as families living either side.

They cordoned off part of Church Street in case the building started to collapse.

It is understood the property is not registered as a house of multiple occupancy and the people living there were different generations of the same family.

They are this week staying with friends and relatives and liaising with the council’s building inspectors to ensure the house is safe before they can move back into it.

Firefighters helped retrieve essential belongings from the home, including clothing and bottles and milk for a baby.

More support in the from of hot drinks was provided by British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service, whose vehicle is based at Bletchley Fire Station.

The two cracks ran from the roof to the top window of the house.

It is not known if work to convert the attic into more rooms had been carried out to prompt the damage to the brickwork.

A neighbour said: “There seemed to be an awful lot of people living in what is essentially a small terraced house.”