18 photos that will take you back to a night out in Milton Keynes in 2002

There were no camera phones, no group texts and very little social media - it's a wonder a night out even got planned!

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 2:34 pm
Night out

But back in 2002, there were plenty of memories to be made, and alcopops to be had! Just make sure you are wearing the right shoes to be let in...!

Nokias were the hottest phones on the market, with the indestructible 3310 a fave of the time. No group texts though!
Still the scent of Christmas gift sets from your gran to this day, Lynx Africa was going to keep you smelling fresh.
Those Oceana bouncers were militant when it came to the dress code, so making sure you had the right shoes was essential.
No-one goes straight to the club! You'd whet the whistle at somewhere like the Kingston Tavern - which nowadays is a row of restaurants.
If you weren't hitting a big night out, maybe you'd go snowboarding at Xscape. It was still a new phenomenon in MK, having opened in 2000.
Or you could go ice skating at Planet Ice!
Given a huge revamp five years ago, the space-themed entrance way is no more.
Maybe you were out on a date - nothing like a game of bowling to bond over!
While you're on that side of town, you'd probably head headed over Chicago Rock Cafe above the bus station before working your way towards the centre.
Now known as 12th Street to the youngsters, it will always be the Theatre District to many! Rat & Parrot, Hog's Head, Yate's - plenty of places to grab a pint.
Now known as Revolution de Cuba, it has undergone plenty of name changes over the years.
Something MK certainly lacks nowadays, City Limits encompassed bowling, an arcade, a sports bar and plenty of pool tables to get the night going.
If you stayed around the Leisure Plaza, Empire was definitely the spot to go.
Closed many moons ago, Empire was knocked down and is now a Morrison's.
Some fond memories were made at this bar down the years.
For all the ravers, hopping in the taxi to The Sanctuary was the place to be.
If you were lucky, the queue wasn't too long at Oceana, and you had the right gear on to get in!
If you made it this far and got in, you were in for a great night!