1st Fenny brownies dig out old uniforms for 90th anniversary

A party for brownies and their families was held to mark a pack's 90th anniversary.

Thursday, 21st April 2016, 4:00 am
1st Fenny Stratford Brownies wearing old uniforms on their 90th anniversary

The 1st Fenny Stratford Brownie Pack celebrated the big birthday at Knowles Primary School where they meet every Wednesday evening.

Many of the brownies invited parents and grandparents who had also been brownies.

The pack held a beetle drive and tucked into lots of delicious food.

Some of the girls got to dress up in old brownie uniforms and the girls are pictured wearing these.

The pack says a big thank you to Brown Owl Mrs K Downing for organising the special event and making the 1st Fenny Stratford Brownie pack possible.