200 people gather for party at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes

Readers have sent in photos from social media of a huge crowd of people throwing a party at Willen Lake earlier this evening.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 9:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 9:34 pm

A woman snapped a photo of the gathering and estimated there were 200 people in one group.

She said: "Absolutely disgusting. Total morons. I hope all 200 of you that were at Willen Lake today get fined."

She added: " Not a brain cell between you . Mass picnic virtually on top of each other will lead to a mass outbreak among you #COVIDIOTS." outbreak among you #COVIDIOTS."

An estimated 200 people were at the gathering

Other witnesses say the crowd had lit up several portable barbecues, brought picnics and had laid blankets on the ground,

"It was a massive gathering and nobody seemed to be social distancing at all. It was really worrying to see," said one.

The photos have now been shared on social media and have prompted numerous comments of contempt for the partygoers.

An estimated 200 people were at the gathering