£200K to tackle Female Genital Mutilation and Cyber Crime in areas including Milton Keynes


A new grant fund has been launched by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley.

Around £200,000 of grant funding is available for organisations who can assist Anthony Stansfield to achieve key aims in his Police and Crime Plan.

Funding is available to improve prevention and early intervention in the areas of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Cyber Crime.

Bids are invited from organisations for projects which meet one or more of the following criteria:-

Tackling FGM

Training or other initiatives for key professionals (e.g. teachers, lawyers, health visitors, safeguarding leads) to encourage reporting and improve knowledge and the use of appropriate referral pathways.

Engagement and or education in key communities where there are cultures known to be at risk

Cyber Crime

To improve public awareness of measures to protect against cyber crime

To deliver targeted cyber-crime prevention activities to those at either end of the age spectrum

Speakling about the grant funding, Anthony Stansfeld said: “The prevention and early intervention of Female Genital Mutilation and cyber-crime are both key aims in my Police and Crime Plan.

“Female Genital Mutilation is a truly horrific crime which can impact a woman, physically and mentally, for the rest of her life, whilst cybercrime often sees the most vulnerable targeted, leading to exploitation and fraud. Both of these crimes need to be stopped.

“I recognise that these aren’t issues that any one organisation can tackle successfully alone. To prevent Female Genital Mutilation or cyber-crime it will require both partnership work and grass roots interventions and I hope that this funding will allow for work like this to be carried out across Thames Valley.

“I would encourage any organisation that works in preventing Female Genital Mutilation or cyber-crime to apply for this funding.

Organisations can find out more information on the criteria and how to apply by visiting:


The grant application process will close at 4pm on September 5 2017.