27 households in Milton Keynes still use a black and white TV

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There are 27 households in Milton Keynes who still use a black and white television, according to latest figures.

Figures released by TV Licensing reveal the number of UK families watching on black and white TVs has dropped a further 12 per cent in the past year, with fewer than 12,000 sets now in use nation-wide.

With advances in technology, the demand for black and white licences has been in steady decline for years. At the turn of the millennium there were 212,000 black and white licences issued, but by 2003 that number had shrunk to 93,000. Just three years later, in 2006, the number was less than 50,000 and today just 11,550 black and white licences remain in force across the UK.

According to this year’s figures, there are 27 black and white TV licences in force in Milton Keynes. This compares to 69 in Luton, 25 in Bedford and 13 in Aylesbury.

Despite it being nearly 48 years since colour transmissions began, digital switchover and the recent Christmas seasonal surge of television, laptop, tablet and smartphone sales, it seems there are still some nostalgic UK homes firmly attached to their trusty black and white TV sets.